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A heart felt ‘Thank You’ Stacey, from Serendipity Coffins, for all your help. At the time of our loss, our mother passing away, we knew her wishes were to be cremated in a ‘simple’ way, a ‘natural earthy’ way. After seeing your Pandanus Traditional Eco Coffin we knew it would have been a choice our mother would have agreed with.

The help Stacey gave us was professional and compassionate. With her help and knowledge the process of getting exactly what we wanted (even though we didn’t really know what we wanted at the time) seemed to come easily.

The end result was exactly as our Mother would have wished for.

Thank You again!

The English poet Keats wrote “Life is but a day…a fragile dew drop on its way” describing just how quickly our lives pass by. Just as precious as our lives are, so is our planet where we have lived, and as a final act of kindness to it we can leave with beauty, dignity and a softer footprint on mother earth.
A naturally grown and handwoven casket is a beautiful way to say goodbye to your loved ones.

Our family didn’t want a glossy chipboard casket with plastic handles to say goodbye to our daughter. When introduced to a natural woven casket we found something that was just what she would have wanted. It was beautifully woven and looked elegant in its simplicity.

It made a statement of how we can contribute to our future in a simple way. A beautiful way to say goodbye.

Hillary & Andrew

When my son and his wife lost their baby daughter, I turned to Stacey. Stacey’s coffins are beautiful and we wanted a very special coffin for our baby. Stacey gave us so much more than a beautiful coffin. She walked gently beside us, understanding our raw grief at our time of unexpected loss.
The way Stacey was able to be with us through this time was her greatest gift. I treasure her respect and sensitivity, the quiet space she gave us, her understanding and her practical experience.
Stacey provides beautiful coffins because she knows the importance of funerals. She also knows how grief is softened when people are able to have the funeral they want. She goes out of her way to make that possible.
This is her real work and her great gift.

Gran was well known for her “green fingers”, her love of organic gardening and the great outdoors, so when she passed away in her 101st year it made sense to farewell her in a beautifully crafted natural pandanus coffin that reflected the things she loved in life.

Stacey’s knowledge, sincere compassion and gentle guidance in helping us choose the right coffin for Gran was so much appreciated by our family. She was very efficient and extremely professional making all the necessary arrangements with the funeral home for us without any fuss, – every step of the way she was very accommodating.

Thank you Stacey for assisting us to make the right choice for Gran. We think it suited her perfectly!


Over the past three years I have had the opportunity of working with Serendipity coffins on numerous occasions when they supplied their coffins to clients of mine. The clients have always been impressed with our dealings from several points of view. Firstly, the service has been personal, professional, thorough and prompt. In addition the quality of their products is of a high standard and the pricing is very reasonable.

We have found that Stacey is always more than happy to give advice, discuss options and always in a compassionate and caring way. There is no doubt that this is the place to go for anyone wanting to continue their care for the environment into their end of life planning.


Susanna Bessell-Browne

Multilingual Civil Funeral Celebrant , End of Life Ceremonies

Dear Stacey,

What a blessing to find you. I wanted to thank you for the beautiful coffin that you provided for our mother. It looked so fitting in the simple church where the funeral was held. Covered with pink and white roses and floral offerings from people’s gardens, it was Mum to a T.

Quite a few said they wanted a coffin like Mums!

Many Thanks,


Thanks so much for your prompt and personal service over the Christmas period. It was a time of most unexpected and unbearable grief and confusion and your support carried us through. The banana leaf coffin surpassed all expectations and it provided a fitting resting place for our son. You have been a pleasure to deal with and may your business prosper.

Wishing you the very best for the New Year

Ken and Family

I cannot thank Stacey enough for how kind and helpful she was after the sudden loss of our father. She went above and beyond to create a very personalised experience, which we are grateful for. The handmade coffin was even more beautiful than we could have imagined. We could not recommend Stacey and Serendipity coffins higher.


Sasha Foley

Dear Stacey,

I just wanted to write and congratulate you for the wonderful coffin you provided for my mother’s funeral. Everyone commented on the beauty of the banana coffin and were impressed with the idea of a new product being available.


What an absolute relief and comfort to find we didn’t have to place our newborn in a traditional wooden coffin.

Thank you Stacey for ensuring we had our beautiful newborn Sam resting in a gentle wool coffin. We are forever in gratitude for your help.

Carly & Jeremy

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