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About Serendipity and Gift of Grace

Have you ever been in the position of having to choose a coffin for someone you love who has died?

If you have, you’ll know that it is a sad and painful task. Firstly you have to imagine your loved one in it which is almost unbearable. And secondly, it is an expensive item. Your rational self recognises a niggling discomfort at the cost of a traditional coffin. Our hand-woven eco-coffins offer a beautiful, distinctive and unique alternative at an affordable price.

The death may or may not have been expected, – either way your mind will have difficulty taking in the reality of what death actually means. Human beings are wired to survive, to be alive, to live. Its a change that may take years to absorb and accept, and organising a funeral under these circumstances is an extraordinary and difficult task.

If you are one of those who’ve had the experience, you’ll know that the coffin options which are offered are very traditional and impersonal. Wooden boxes with religious scenes embossed on the side. Veneered chipboard coffins lined with shiny cheap satin, with plastic handles and accessories staging as lookalike gold and silver metal.

Well, because things are changing in our world, – driven by the tide against the destruction of the environment and the desire to return to more simplistic and natural rituals, funerals are becoming no exception.

Green funerals have been available in Europe, and the UK for many years because creative and forward thinking people are seeking the diversity needed within an industry which has remained virtually unchanged over the past 100 years.

Stacey Farmer has introduced a range of ethically sourced natural coffins. Having worked within the funeral industry for over 10 years, Stacey recognised the need for an alternative and wider range of coffin choice which could compliment a more personalised and gentle death care practice. These coffins are suitable for both a traditional or alternative funeral service styles.

Many discerning families were becoming disgruntled with only a very limited variety of coffins which often did not reflect the life or values of the deceased.

Stacey’s guidance and expertise will assist you when selecting the coffin to cradle the physical remains of your beloved or yourself. Your beautifully decorated coffin will create a stunning and holistic focal point for that very special celebration of a life remembered.

Death is a natural and organic process and funerals are our way to recognise the finality of this life’s journey. A funeral service provides a way for family and friends to affirm the dignity of the deceased and remind us that each life is special and sacred.

We, the living, have an opportunity to express change and consider ‘greener’ funeral options, particularly natural burial.

Please ring Stacey for supportive customer service. Stacey will happily provide obligation free direct sales information whilst respecting your family’s budget.

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